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While many claims of injury in the workplace are legitimate, many are not as severe as the claim and in fact, some are completely fabricated claims. The medical bills absorbed by the employer and employee compensation costs are pilling up, it is very much in the employer's interest to limit their claims to legitimate ones only.

The only way to do this is to request surveillance by a private investigator. If you are in the risk management department of your company, you already know this. The question is, who do you hire? While corporate private investigative enterprises offer all the bells and whistles with the best of websites and tempt you to give them all of your business with tickets to concerts or sporting events or even a refrigerator magnet thrown in, you usually can't replace the quality and expertise of a small firm. But the truth is, they use entry level operatives in the field. Usually these young men and women are simply waiting for the call to join a police department or another law enforcement entity. Their experience in surveillance is normally very limited and the effective evidence they provide (video, written reports) is usually inferior to that of an experienced investigator.

At Pittman Investigations, the same investigators that have been here for years are the investigators that will be here to serve you in years to come.

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