Trust is earned, in many cases it's worth investigating with a background check to make sure that the subjects of your concern are who they say they are and their credentials are as well. Turn to Pittman Investigations to help.

Our private investigators are in Plymouth, Dartmouth, & New Bedford, MA and serve all of Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. From general background checks and risk management assessments to missing persons, finding hidden income and a wide range of investigative services, we'll help you create a clear understanding of what it is you're facing. Why wonder when you can know? Get the investigation services you need when you call us today.

Gather evidence for your case

We can provide fresh eyes and new ideas when a police case goes "cold". For missing persons and unsolved crimes, give us a call. If you're in an exclusive relationship and you suspect your partner of infidelity, we have handled over 6,000 such files and can help. For criminal defense you can hire our private investigators to track a person of interest and gather unknown evidence waiting to be found, to strengthen your defense case.

With almost 30 years of experience, you can rely on us to gather as much information as possible for you.

Why you should choose us

There are many reasons why you can't gather your own evidence. An independent witness is far more credible in any court. Turn to Pittman Investigations because...

  • We've handled over 6,000 cases, so you can trust that our PI has the skill and experience for the job
  • Rates start at $88 per hour. Hourly rates decline with larger files, call for further details.
    *Any assignment cancelled within 48 hours of requested time frame is non-refundable*
  • Our PI is licensed through the Massachusetts State Police and can work on your case properly

Contact us at 508-728-4609 to arrange for professional investigation services in Plymouth, Dartmouth, Attleboro, or New Bedford, MA.